3 thoughts on “Hichilema fails to face the truth, fires IG

  1. The truth can never be shun no hidden forever,pretence never last and soon they will be exposed

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    The matter of abuse of funds meant for expatriate teachers has its roots in the PF government. Teachers from Ghana, Uganda, and India who were not paid their gratuity and luggage allowances sued the state and were awarded $ 75 million.
    Their consultant, one Mr Eugene Owusu Agyemang, working in collaboration with Raphael Nakachinda, engaged the PF government, who agreed to pay the stranded teachers on condition that $ 25 million is kickback to PF government officials . So, out of about $ 47.5 million paid till date, teachers only received $ 15.million with the rest believed to be used during the campaigns or shared among PF officials and the consultant together with members of the Teachers’ Committee.
    Some Ugandan nationals who decided to sue the consultant and the teacher’s committee were arrested and detained and intimidated to withdraw their lawsuit. This later led to investigations by the former inspector General of Police. The investigation was stopped by the police at the intervening Mundia after he was compromised in the matter because he received $1.5 million. A check at Access Bank where the account is being held will reveal the extent of misappropriation and the beneficiaries of this scam.

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